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PrimerCube is a rotating magnetic field generator.

It contains a special pan with strong neodymium magnets. This pan is powered by a very quiet electric motor, tailor made exclusively for our company. Speed setting, running time, switching on, switching off ... everything is controlled by eight microprocessors and touch display is used to set values.

This is a great teaching aid for all primary schools, high-schools and colleges as well as households to perform physics experiments. You can experiment and observe how the unique rotating magnetic field generated by the PrimerCube affects living organisms.

PrimerCube has been developed under an intensive collaboration with David LaPoint, the U.S. researcher, whom we can call the genius of our time.

There is a study entitled "Rotating magnets produce a rapid analgesic effect in experimental rats" which describes clear positive effects of rotating magnetic fields on chronic pain.


Another study describes other interesting findings.

And here:

Nevertheless, please note that the PrimerCube is primarily designed for rotating magnetic field experiments.

A new era is coming!